Tsemex Global Enterprise P.L.C. is one of the leading importer and distributor of water work related materials particularly for those materials that it wins in government and NGO tenders. The good will it deserved in the different regional government Water Resource Development Bureaus and Water Work Construction Enterprises

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In today’s busy world, where most of the companies have to rush to take care of their needs, we at Tsemex will look after your basic wants. Tsemex is not just an importing and distributing; it is a place where you are better served, where you will be offered extra choices, where loyalty and your satisfaction is a priority.

With Our database bridges water work related materials with government, governmental organizations, holeselers, and NGOs.. Organized by dynamic human power throughout Ethiopia, now Tsemex has launched these services through the internet to make you a click away from us.

We perform every service based on your request and need in a fast, reliable and most of all professional way. And to do that, our claim goes ‘you contact us, we make it happen’.


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