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Tsemex Global Enterprise P.L.C is one of the Leading Importer and Distributor of Water work related materials mainly for the delivery that the Enterprise has been winning for the supply of Government and NGO Tenders. The Good Will it deserved in the different Regional Government Water Resource Development Bureaus and Water Works Construction Enterprises has enabled it to be in the first row amongst the importers of water work related materials in the country. The company was established in June 19, 2001.


After its establishment, the Enterprise was registered as an importer of different food items. It started its work with the import of Magda pasta and Macaroni from Italy and was the sole agent since 2005. Simultaneously, it was importing different commodities. Besides that, it has exported ‘Niger seeds’ for U.S.A.


The dramatic career of the Enterprise has started by involving in the water sector. The Enterprise is continuously participating in International and National Competitive type of Government and Non government Organization Tenders for the supply and delivery of water works related materials having its Trading Business office in the New Building in front of Hotel D’Afrique and its Sister Company, Heavy Dry Freight Transport company, in Ledeta sub city, Kebele 11, house No. 1534, Tessema Abakemaw Street, Addis Ababa.






Currently Tsemex is importing the finest Water Tank in the world. This seems a bold statement but you will quickly come to realize what others in the water storage industry have discovered-that Pioneer Water Tanks offer a range and quality that no other water tank can produce. It has installed more than forty water tanks in Addis Ababa through its purchaser Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority Water and Sanitation Development and Rehabilitation Project Office.


This is for the distribution of clean potable water since Addis Ababa is one of the seats of Diplomatic bases following to New York, Geneva & London and is also the seat of African Union.This distribution of Pioneer Water Tanks is covering the whole country i.e. Tigray, Dire Dawa, South Nations & Nationalities Peoples Regional State etc Our rich experience as importer and distributor of water work related materials has enabled us to work with the prominent manufacturers of quality materials in the sector.


Tsemex as a business company is engaged in the import of materials that support and solve problems in the water sector. So its timely delivery has contributed in the problem solving.


Its sister company is the Transport Company which is operating with 45 Heavy Dry Freight Sino-Trucks. Each Truck has the capacity of lifting 40 metric ton. These Trucks are supported by Fork lift, Crane truck for loading and unloading, Rollers and Grader and two huge warehouses. Therefore, you are kindly invited(local customers) to visit specially the assembled Water Tanker in Addis Ababa at the site of Government Authority, private Company ND Individual residences. Then your mind will have obliged to pick up these modern and finest potable water tanks.


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